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At the heart of the DVMZone web portal is the ordering application. DVMZone spent nine months working with multiple clinics to understand how they currently manage their supplies ordering process and used that research to build the most advanced and clinic friendly ordering application in the industry today.

By using the DVMZone secure ordering application, the need to shop for the most competitive prices or place specialized orders with multiple distributors is eliminated.

The DVMZone provides member clinics with an easy to use, automated ordering application that guarantees the most competitive prices for all supplies and includes a wide variety of functionality aimed at increasing the clinic's productivity. The DVMZone ordering system allows order placement through one easy to use, secure, browser based application, it anticipates weekly orders, matches billing charges to inventory and suggests when refills need to be ordered. It allows the users to organize orders via any category they choose, including manufacturer, location, room, DR., price and much much more.

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