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JANUARY 7-11, 2006
JULY 15-19 2006
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Pharmacy Partner provides clinics with access to a secure "one-stop shop", browser-based platform that includes: the industry's most advanced online ordering application, veterinary clinic management software, electronic patient records, research, forums, specialized user groups and many other resources that assist in the day-to-day operations of the clinic.

All of these resources are designed to help reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profit.

DVMZone members benefit from the power of many. DVMZone is supplying hundreds of clinics and as a result is able to negotiate better deals than individual clinics alone. These better deals are passed along to all member clinics in the form of lower prices.

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Why Hasn't This Been Done Before?
The DVMZone Web Portal is unique because it was designed from the perspective of and with input from the veterinary clinic user.

How Does The Ordering Application work?
The DVMZone ordering application manages the entire ordering process; it assists in building the order based upon order history and inventory management, it accepts the order and then searches across hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the best possible price. It then automatically places orders with those suppliers to ensure receipt of the correct products at the best prices.

What Does It Cost To Join?
DVMZone is free. There are no monetary or minimum order commitments required.

What Else Does Membership Include?
All DVMZone member clinics are offered a personal clinic web site, up to five e-mail addresses per clinic, secure access to veterinary specific DVMZone specialized chat rooms (ACL, Feline Leukemia etc.) with no public access, online research and medical schools links, as well as live links to partner laboratories plus much more.

Become a member today, there is no cost and no commitment.
Once you have signed up to become a member, we will process your application automatically and provide you with your temporary user name and password.

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