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Who is DVMZone?
DVMZone is a privately held company, founded in the spring of 2005, by a group of industry professionals that share beliefs and were motivated by insights into many Veterinary Industry business processes and needs. The founders recognized early on that the DVMZone web portal could successfully conquer the "holy grail" of a fully integrated, flexible and user specific platform that meets the needs of the clinics before meeting the needs of the suppliers.
What is DVMZone.com?
DVMZone.com is a revolutionary new FREE web portal built specifically for the veterinary industry. It can help to dramatically reduce the costs of running a veterinary clinic by consolidating the critical and expensive back office operations of the clinic into an efficient and user-friendly platform, which increases productivity and lowers costs.
Why has DVMZone Chosen the Veterinary Market?
DVMZone chose the veterinary industry first because it identified early on an opportunity to dramatically change the economics of running a veterinary clinic. By fundamentally changing how clinics manage their day-to-day operations through the automation and integration of many daily functions such as supplies ordering, managing inventory, providing instant access to research and fully integrating with vet practice software to help with bookings, billing and even payroll, DVMZone can dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity.
Why Would a Clinic Use the Portal?
DVMZone.com provides clinics with access to a secure "one-stop shop", browser-based platform that includes: the industry's most advanced online ordering application, veterinary clinic management software, electronic patient records, research, forums, specialized user groups and many other resources that assist in the day-to-day operations of the clinic. Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profit.

DVMZone members benefit from the power of many. DVMZone is supplying hundreds of clinics with supplies and as a result is able to negotiate better deals than individual clinics alone. These better deals are passed along to all member clinics in the form of lower prices.
What is next for DVMZone?
DVMZone is exploring the possibility of other markets the DVMZone technology could be successfully used in, these markets include Dentistry and Family Physician's. DVMZone is also working with other technology companies who wish to use the DVMZone Platform as a basis for building their own applications. DVMZone will continue to look for further business and development opportunities as its success grows.

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