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DVMZone was founded in the spring of 2005, by a group of industry professionals who shared beliefs and were motivated by insights into many Fortune 500 companies' business processes and needs. DVMZone recognized that the DVMZone Platform technology could successfully conquer the "holy grail" of flexible and user specific information management, by bringing data to life.
After working closely with the Veterinary Industry for over twelve months, the DVMZone team identified a unique opportunity to use the DVMZone Platform technology to build a clinic-focused web portal, that removes many of the obstacles the clinics had identified as causing them problems on a daily basis.
The DVMZone web portal consolidates the critical back office operations of a veterinary clinic, including supply ordering, research, integration of all clinic applications, e-mail, specialized chat rooms and much more into an efficient and user-friendly process, which increases productivity and lowers costs for the clinics.

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