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The DVMZone team's backgrounds include sales, operations, project management, document management and work flow optimization, application and system software development, mathematics and engineering. Together the team offers a dynamic blend of experience and skills that are needed to meet the challenges of today's online business environment. The team has always worked under the pressures and constraints of contemporary information technology requirements and, as a result, understands how to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.
David Stagg
Prior to founding DVMZone, Stagg was Chief Operating Officer for Speedscan, an Application Service Provider to the financial services industry. Stagg also held Vice President Sales and executive management positions at Optimus Corporation, Xenos Group and at Interface Systems, where he was responsible for the launch of the first comprehensive Electronic Statement Presentment system for the brokerage industry. Stagg has considerable experience in working with companies who want to use Information Technology and improved processes to achieve a more competitive and focused organization; this experience has proved invaluable in the launch of DVMZone and its focus on the services business.
Igor Popovic, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer and VP Software Development
Popovic straddles academic research and practical development and deployment of software technologies. As VP of software development at Adapted Wave Technologies he was responsible for the development and productization of a platform for media publishing and sales. Prior he developed and deployed software systems in seismic data processing for geophysical exploration. In a previous life, he taught music theory, composition and electronic music at Yale, Vanderbilt, and West Chester universities.
Susan Golubchik
Vice President of Operations
Prior to joining DVMZone, Golubchik was Director of Operations for Speedscan, an Application Service Provider to the financial services industry. Golubchik has also held senior management positions at Lincoln Financial Inc. Golubchik brings her extensive knowledge of the Project Management Institute (PMIŽ) to the day-to-day operations of the DVMZone. Golubchik is responsible for the network infrastructure and backbone essential to the success of the DVMZone Web Portal.

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