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Having developed information publishing and sales solutions for the music industry, e-commerce solutions for the financial services industry and information management solutions focused on the retrieval of live data, we knew we could develop a user focused, user friendly and multifunctional platform that met all of the needs of its individual users and was open enough to allow third party companies to integrate their applications with it.

The result of these beliefs is the DVMZone Application Suite. The DVMZone Application Suite is a collection of modules that by themselves are standalone applications. However, when combined, these modules become a very powerful platform that can be utilized to integrate many dysfunctional and disconnected applications into one fully integrated, easy to use, browser-based platform.

Because the DVMZone platform offers much more than the original standalone applications and has the added benefit of an Application Program Interface (API), applications written by third party companies can be integrated into the platform, making it even more powerful and user friendly.

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